The number and composition of groups within the Coast String Fiddlers & Bad to the Bow changes year to year based upon enrollment.

While all groups are primarily fiddle ensembles, they are supported by other instruments such as piano, cello, bass, guitar, wind and percussion instruments.

Prospective students wishing to join any of the groups should contact the respective musical director. Enrollment in private lessons is a pre-requisite for joining either group.  A list of instructors can be found here.

Coast String Fiddlers The Coast String Fiddlers play an international mix of traditional fiddle music, including Scottish, Appalachian, Shetland, and Finnish as well as compositions by Canadian Fiddlers and members of the group, some of which defy categorization! The energy of our fiddling is supported by piano, and cello. Read more here.

Bad To The Bow Where traditional and contemporary folk meet – Bad to the Bow plays a fusion of world music styles. Whether they are taking a very traditional Celtic tune and applying cutting-edge contemporary string playing techniques and Afro-Cuban rhythms to accompany it, or trying out a new or experimental tune with modern composers writing for the fiddle, Bad to the Bow dances the line between digging into the roots of the instrument and branching out to explore the sounds of the future.  Read more here.